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Security Fencing & How It’s Used On Commercial Buildings

Security fencing offers a number of benefits to businesses. It’s often the first line of defence from intruders. There’s a few different types of secure fencing that offer slightly different benefits, let’s take a look.

‘V’ Mesh Security Fencing

This type of steel fencing is named because the mesh has a ‘V’ shape that protrudes outwards from the posts. This feature creates tension, which means the fencing is particularly robust. This style of fence is strong and secure, but doesn’t obscure the view. It’s also cost-effective, because it’s made up of posts and galvanised mesh, resulting in security fencing that requires fewer materials for an effective result.

Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade security fencing is made of solid strips of steel with pointed tops, designed to deter trespassing. To decrease the risk of intrusion even further, the steel is zinc coated, which is slippery and difficult to climb. You can also add barbed wire to the top for an intimidating fence that’s sure to keep intruders out. This is the best option if you’re determined to keep intruders out, as it’s stronger and offers even more security than ‘V’ mesh fences.

Palisade fencing gate

Personalise Your Security Fencing

Steel security fencing can be painted, so if you have a particular colour in mind, we can supply your fence in your chosen shade. Secure fences don’t always have to be scary and imposing. With the right design choices and personalisation, you can install a fence that keeps intruders out and still looks aesthetically pleasing.

What Is Galvanised Steel?

Many security fences are made of galvanised steel. Galvanised steel is reinforced, so it’ll deter weather and withstand rust for longer than standard steel. When steel is galvanised, it’s coated in a thin layer of zinc. This is usually done by dipping the steel pieces in a molten vat of zinc, which then becomes zinc oxide when exposed to oxygen.

For Security Fencing, Choose Staffordshire Fencing

If your commercial premises need a secure perimeter, get in touch with Staffordshire Fencing today. Our team can erect a robust fence that will deter intruders and keep your property safe.

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