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What are the Different Types of Fencing?

With so many fencing options these days, it’s hard to know what to choose. Creating a boundary that compliments your outdoor space, whilst also achieving the desired functionality is important, and at Staffordshire Fencing we appreciate this.

That’s why we’ve created a brief overview of all the different types you could install and their various benefits.

Domestic & Garden Fencing

From panel to picket, herringbone to feather board, there’s a style and material to fit any garden or domestic satiation. At Staffordshire fencing, we pride ourselves on supplying and installing all different types to your domestic property.

The great benefit of garden fences is their versatility. Depending on your circumstances you can customise and choose specific features to match your ideal scenario.

Garden fencing can provide fantastic privacy, whilst also keeping your pets and children in, and prying eyes out. Perhaps you have a fantastic, ornamental garden, and you’d like a fence that compliments that.

Then this can be arranged too through a multitude of different decorative styles and materials. Hardwood fences provide a warm, rustic look whilst sleek aluminium panels can work great with a more contemporary style.

Whatever you need, there’s a fencing option to suit you.

Picket fence in front of a old brick house

Agricultural, Equestrian & Livestock Fencing

All agricultural fencing, whether for horses, cows or sheep, needs to be robust, long-lasting and efficiently installed.

There is a fine line between the affordability of materials and their longevity. That’s why we make sure to use only the best suppliers, for affordability in bulk livestock chainlink without sacrificing quality.

This type of fence comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s three-rail equestrian or barbed-wired topped stock fences. We provide all styles of agricultural boundaries at a cost-effective price. Not only this but our trusted tradesman can install it fast, and efficiently, to ensure your animals are kept within their boundaries as soon as possible.

Fencing in a paddock for horses

Security Fencing

If you’ve got a commercial property you want to protect, then security fencing is the best option. There is a range of different styles to choose from to suit the aesthetic of your property. All are installed with high-quality metals to create a strong, durable and well-fitted boundary.

Whether it’s to control traffic with our ‘V-shaped, reinforced metal security fence. Or to deter criminals with sharp and formidable palisade, we’ve got a design to suit you.

Staffordshire Fencing provides a qualified and accredited team of tradesmen to install the highest quality security fences for whatever your needs.

Metal fencing with trees behind

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